Integrative Coaching

Symponia offers Enneagram Integrative Coaching for Purpose & Performance. Each engagement beings with the Enneagram, a powerful and deep assessment tool that focuses on full integration a person.  The Enneagram is a complex (valid and reliable) instrument for complex people and provides a clear and attainable path to full integration based on your core motivations.  Sympónia Leadership uses the Integrative9 assessment instrument for Enneagram Coaching, Workshops, and Retreats.

Symponia Coaching supports high-performers, leaders, and change makers to elevate their game by deepening their sense of purpose, removing barriers to success and impact, and elevating performance to create meaningful change in the world.

Integrative Coaching Programs
One-on-one and group coaching is provided around specific leadership challenges and growth development opportunities.  Coaching focus areas can include:

  • Elevating self awareness and integration through the Enneagram,
  • Deepening compassion and head/heart-centered leadership,
  • Finding your deeper-level purpose and meaning,
  • Strengthening connection and deepening relationships,
  • Becoming compassionate bridge builders,
  • Navigating the shifting gender rules and roles in the workplace,
  • Embracing compassionate masculinity across gender,
  • Integrating and becoming balanced leaders, 
  • Strengthening as a transformational leader, and
  • Becoming an agent of compassionate change in the world