Sympónia partners with Global Women for Wellbeing (GW4W) under the GenderARC umbrella to create gender bridge building experiences. These experiences are designed to bring men, women, and those who identify as non-binary and trans into new dialogue and way of working and connecting.

In order to create real and tangible organizational and societal systems change, the voice of the traditionally voiceless have to be elevated for the best thinking to come forward and true integration to happen. This goes far beyond gender, but it needs to start with gender.

To rebuild our systems, it’s imperative that we have healthy gender-balanced leadership, teams and cultures.

GenderARC offers workshops, retreats, coaching, and consulting to support organizations, leaders, and teams in creating healthier gender-balance in the workplace.  We also provide keynote speeches and workshops at conferences to elevate the gender dynamics conversation. The components of any of these programs can be combined and customized to meet your organization’s unique needs.

GenderARC Speaking Engagements & Presentations
GenderARC provides organizations looking for a provocative and thought-provoking presentation on the shifting gender roles and rules in society and the workplace with highly engaging and dynamic speakers.  We also offer a unique mixed gender co-facilitated keynote to speak to nuances of gender balance while modeling healthy interactions.

GenderARC Consulting
Healthy Gender-Balanced Leadership, Teams, & Culture
What’s possible when leadership teams and workplace cultures are more integrated with a healthier level of gender balance? We partner with leadership teams and intact teams to lead to better strategies and solutions.  Our consulting approach encompasses assessments (culture, gender-balance, team, and/or individual), vision and strategy development, customized program design and delivery, communications and promotional strategies, train the trainer experiences, and program evaluation and measurement.