Leader Labs

Sympónia Integrated Leader Labs

  • Authentic Leader Lab (authenticity)
  • Compassionate Leader Lab (compassion)
  • Collaborative Leader Lab (connection)
  • Conscious Leader Lab (consciousness)
  • Creative Leader Lab (creativity)
  • Embodied Leader Lab (embodiment/somatic)
  • Feminine Leader Lab (accessing the feminine)
  • Purpose-driven Leader Lab (purpose)
  • Servant Leader Lab (service)
  • Transformational Leader Lab (change and transformation)
  • Integrated Leader Lab (connecting the dots)

Sympónia Advanced Labs*

  • Adventurous Curiosity Lab (Open the Mind)
  • Creative Play Lab (Open the Heart)
  • Integration Lab
  • Authentic Storytelling Lab
  • GenderEQ Lab (A GenderARC offering)
  • Rethinking Power Dynamics Lab
  • Compassionate Bridge Building Lab
  • Collaborative Innovation Lab
  • Culture Transformation Lab