Workshops & Labs

Leadership Workshops

Sympónia offers a growing list of leadership development workshops for current and emerging integrated leaders. Current leadership workshops include:

  • What Does It Mean to Be an Integrated Leader?
  • Developing into an Integrated Leader
  • The Enneagram as a Driver for Integration
  • Healthy Masculinity at Work
  • The Power of Heart Centered Leadership
  • Tapping into Creativity to Propel Innovation
  • Becoming a Bridge Builder for Greater Inclusion
  • Creating Impact Through Integrated Leadership Practices
  • Leading Transformational Change in Uncertain Times

Transformation & Integrated Leader Labs
Sympónia offers highly customized leader labs that when combined form an integrated leadership model and approach to support leaders in increasingly uncertain and complex times.  

Sympónia Integrated Leader Labs

  • Authentic Leader Lab (authenticity)
  • Compassionate Leader Lab (compassion)
  • Collaborative Leader Lab (connection)
  • Conscious Leader Lab (consciousness)
  • Creative Leader Lab (creativity)
  • Embodied Leader Lab (embodiment/somatic)
  • Feminine Leader Lab (accessing the feminine)
  • Purpose-driven Leader Lab (purpose)
  • Servant Leader Lab (service)
  • Transformational Leader Lab (change and transformation)
  • Integrated Leader Lab (connecting the dots)

Sympónia Advanced Labs*

  • Adventurous Curiosity Lab (Open the Mind)
  • Creative Play Lab (Open the Heart)
  • Integration Lab
  • Authentic Storytelling Lab
  • GenderEQ Lab (A GenderARC offering)
  • Rethinking Power Dynamics Lab
  • Compassionate Bridge Building Lab
  • Collaborative Innovation Lab
  • Culture Transformation Lab