It seems gender rules and roles in the workplace continue to shift and evolve without a set playbook for navigating the changes. This is what GenderTALKS for Leaders & Teams is all about – to have a judgment-free space to ask questions and bring up topics that are on top of mind around how to navigate and create healthier gender dynamics at work.

GenderTALKS is designed for anyone who is asking any or all of these questions: 

  • How do I navigate the shifting gender roles and rules in society, in the workplace, and/or in my personal life?
  • In the #metoo era, how do men, women, and all genders come together in new ways?
  • With more people identifying as trans and non-binary/gender non-conforming, how do I know what to say and what should I know?
  • With all of the talk today about healthy/toxic/unhealthy masculinity, what is my expression of masculinity regardless of my gender?

There are no hard and fast rules in navigating gender, but in these talks, we can examine our assumptions and beliefs around gender, understand the realities and shifts, and adjust our own lens and perspective. GenderTALKS can be customized and tailored to specific audiences – coed/all genders, leadership teams, in-tact teams, or single-gendered discussions.

If you’re interested in GenderTALKS for your organization or personally, inquire with your name and email address on the Contact Page. We’ll reach out to answer any questions.

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