Sympónia takes the saying “Heal the Men, Heal the World” to heart and believes that if we support men in their transformative growth, we will be able to reimagine the world through a new lens, as men join women and those who identify as non-binary, who have doing their inner work. We believe that the inner work of integration is the foundational building block to organizational and societal transformation.

Sympónia Men is focused on the integrated transformational growth of men as compassionate bridge builders, transformational leaders, and change makers. The world needs more men who lead from the heart, build bridges, and bring deeper levels of creativity to solve complex problems in a collaborative way. Sympónia Men offers transformative leadership workshops, labs, retreats, circles, coaching, and summits focused specifically for men as they elevate into their full leadership potential.

Men’s Workshops
Sympónia Men offers a series of customized workshops that are highly interactive and set the stage for deeper-level transformational leadership development experiences.

Men’s Leaders Labs
Building upon the Sympónia core pillars, the customized leader labs support men in becoming compassion-inspired bridge builders, integrated leaders, and change makers.  The Leader Labs tap into the dimensions of and provide exposure to key leadership models, approaches, and practices.  When bridged together, these models create a balanced approach to leading organizational and societal transformation efforts.

Men’s Retreats
Sympónia Men leadership retreats are intensive and integrative experiences built upon the leader lab and workshop experiences.  Men will engage in a deeper experience to explore ways of becoming more integrated and balanced leaders that will elevate their level of resilience and impact in their organizations, society, relationships and in their own lives.

Men’s Circles
After men have had a chance to engage in our leader labs, workshops, and retreats, the Men’s Leadership Circles are designed to continue the conversations and provide on-going support for men as their growth and development.

Men Leading Men Experiences
Sympónia Men provides specialized experiences for men who lead men such as Men’s Summits, Retreats, and Leader Labs specific to the needs of leading men.  Specifically designed for men who lead men’s work and men’s circles, men’s coaches, and men’s facilitators.  This is designed to bring together different voices and representatives of different men’s communities into shared space to share ideas, best practices, and explore the evolving needs of men.

Men’s Enneagram Integrative Coaching
Sympónia Men offers men one-on-one and group coaching around specific leadership challenges, men’s issues, and growth development opportunities. Each coaching engagement begins with the Enneagram, a powerful and deep assessment tool that focuses on full integration.

Men’s Leadership Summits
Sympónia Men offers men’s summits for men who have experienced a Sympónia Men experience, for men who lead men, and for men’s experts and thought leaders men.  The focus of these summits is to exchange best practices and share the latest thinking on how to best support men and men’s work around the globe.

*Symponia Men partners with Global Women 4 Wellbeing (GW4W) to provide offerings for women in the company of women led by women that run parallel to the programs for men. Symponia Men works in collaboration with GW4W to support gender bridge building work through GenderARC.