Innovation Studios

Sympónia Studios are customized innovation studios that bring together compassion-inspired bridge builders, integrated leaders, and change makers to reimagine and redesign systems that connect to our deeper humanity.

The core principles for every experience are built around adventurous curiosity and creative play.  Each experience is multimodal, educational and helps participants to experiment around ways to connect in community while moving and transforming themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

The Foundation Studios

Our Foundation Studios serve as the building blocks for any of our studios.  We believe introducing creativity, play, and fun is the first step in letting go (Creative Play Studios) and opening up to new ways of thinking and being.  As opposed to asserting the answer, we see our work as a collective inquiry (Adventurous Curiosity Studios) to look through a new lens at our ourselves, our beliefs, and the ways we show up in the world.  Creating and holding safe space together for deep and authentic conversations (Real Talk Studios) where participants can be seen, heard, valued, and recognized is paramount to any transformative journey and essential for the exploration that occurs in our experiences.  

Personal Transformation Studios

Taking participants in personal transformation experiences as a means to deepening self-awareness and consciousness with intention of uncovering a deeper relationship with oneself and one’s relationship to others and the world.  Personal transformation experiences are built upon mind, heart, body, and spirit connection in the areas of authenticity, connection, purpose, and well-being.  

Integrated Leadership Studios

We support leadership teams in examining their make-up, structure, and dynamics in moving the organization forward.  For leadership teams leaning with a more masculine focused perspective, we offer suggested ways to become more balanced and integrated to support a broader way to lead and explore the potential impact on the system and culture.  We see collaborative leadership as the studio for bringing integration, understanding, and insight into practice around real-world leadership challenges.

Collaborative & Inclusive Team Studios

Through a compassion-inspired and integrated lens, how might teams collaborate and work together differently?  What assumptions are teams operating from, what power dynamics might be at play, who is included and who is excluded in decision making.  Is the team leveraging the skills of individual team members in the best possible way?  If teams collaborated differently, would it tap into creativity in new ways, what would decision making look like, how would the team organize itself, how would conflicts get resolved, and how might group dynamics look?  What impact could this have on the culture of the team and the organization?

Healthy Gender-Balanced Team Studios

What becomes possible when we create healthy gender balanced teams and cultures? This is the question that is explored in this innovation studio. When we move beyond gender to the healthy elevation of the masculine and feminine that when integrated and balanced creates powerful possibilities. Projects that require innovative thinking and creative problem solving are brought into the studio as the subject for exploration by mixed-gendered teams where a safe space to explore the power of integrated gender dynamics is created.

Creativity and Innovation Studios

Deepening our creativity for elevated innovative thinking is what organizations and leaders need most today. To access our full creative potential and expression, we have to dig deeper into ourselves and our full emotion and empathic expression in order to listen for the new ideas that often come from diverse perspectives. The organizational and societal challenges we face continue to become more complex and require elevated creativity and innovative approaches.

Culture Transformation Studios

The Culture Transformation Studios brings bridge builders, leaders, and change makers together to reimagine what a culture based on a more compassion-inspired and integrated perspective can create in the organization. This perspective invites an opportunity to rethink and reimagine purpose, vision, and strategy of the organization.  Subsequently, the structure, systems, and processes can be reexamined through a wider lens of how the organization operates, how work gets done, and how the organization performs.    

Facilitator Edge Studios

For sensitive conversations, how do facilitators hold space so that it is safe enough for everyone to participate and fully engage?  How does the facilitator lean into his/her edge and continue to grow his/her facilitator toolbox and level of expertise with exercises, techniques and experiences that move the room in transformative ways?  These are questions we explore in collectively developing our skills as facilitators.